Tips on How to Always Win at Gambling

People who enjoy gambling are often looking for something to give them an edge. The feeling that maybe, just maybe, they have found a way to “win” more than they lose can be completely intoxicating and superstitions arise. Maybe it is wearing your old gym socks or chewing the same gum you were chewing when you hit that $1000 slot back in 1985. Whatever it is, the whole mystery of it is fun and part of why I enjoy gambling myself. I’ve got a few machines in Lake Tahoe that always seem to be a bit more generous than others and I keep going back. But in spite of all of that, here are a few tips from a fellow gambler that helps me “win” every time I gamble.

5 Most Important Tips

Never have a credit card or ATM card with you

I only take cash with me to a casino. Not only has it become one of my good luck charms, but that way I will always “win” simply because I never lose bigger than I had planned for.

Only take what you can afford to lose

If you walk into a casino with $1000 in cash because you followed my first tip, be ready to lose it all. Don’t think that your vacation budget is $1000 and you are only going to spend $100 of it that night in the casinos. The casinos are masters at coaxing any cash you have in your pocket that may be for other things out onto the table. The flashing lights, the free drinks, and the way time seem to stand still in casinos are all part of the plan. So never walk into a casino with more than you are prepared to lose. That way, you will always “win” by setting your limits instead of letting the casino set them for you.

Have someone you are accountable to

When you go to a casino set a time frame for how long you are going to be there. This saved me from losing my shirt one time as I purposefully made a dinner reservation so that it would limit my time at the casino. And the way things were going for me, it was a good thing as I probably would have lost the money I needed for dinner that night. So give yourself time limits that will help you “win” by not losing too much!

Gamble to have fun

When I finally started to gamble for fun instead of to win money, strangely enough, I started winning more money! But when I walked into the casino with $100 and was comfortable with losing every penny of it, I always walked out a “winner” because I had fun in the process. Where people get in trouble is when they think they have to always walk out a casino with more money than they walked in with. And judging by the size of most casinos these days, they have figured out how to prevent that from happening too often. But you will always walk out the door a “winner” if you have the right attitude and gamble to have fun.

Go with the best when gambling online

If you are gambling online, go with the best gambling providers only. This is a great resource for finding the highest quality casinos. Never play at the unlicensed or unknown casino. It will save you a lot of time and money in the end.

This article may not have been exactly what you thought, but in my opinion, “winning” at gambling is a state of mind, not a dollar amount in your pocket. And if you follow these tips, I think you will always “win” every time you gamble.